Side Dish
Daily Meal
Set Menu


Beef Jhal Curry

Fresh Cow meat, Potatoes, Ginger, Rice…
৳  430

Beef with Porota

Fresh cow meat, potatoes, flour, Rice…
৳  490

Chicken Jhal curry with potatoes

Chicken, Potatoes, Onion, garlic etc
৳  200

Diet Meal Special

Brown Ruti, mixed vegetables, buter Dal.
৳  105

Duck Curry

Fresh duck meat, Ginger, Onion, garlic,…
৳  420

Duck Curry with Chaler Ruti

Chaler Gura, Duck meat, Ginger, Onion…
৳  460

Egg Korolla

Korolla, Egg, Onion, Rice Bran Oil
৳  20

Ilish Polao

Ilish, Ghi, Sour curd, Chinigura polao…
৳  200

Ilish with Kacha Kola

Hilsha Fish, tomato, kacha kola, spices…
৳  150

Ilish with Potol

Hilsha Fish, Potol, other spices
৳  150

Kochur Loti with Prawn

Kochur loti, Prawn & necessary Condiments.
৳  235

Koliza Vuna (Beef)

Koliza, Potatoes, Onion, Garlic, other Condiments.
৳  250

Lau with Prawn

Lau, prawn, spices.
৳  260

Pui Shakh with Prawn

Healthy Bengali daily food. it consists…
৳  200

Rui Fish

Rui Fish, tomatoes, masala, chili, etc
৳  120

Set Menue- Sorisha Ilish, Begun vorta, Dal, Salad and Rice

Mustard, Lentrils, Begun, Rice, Hilsha Fish
৳  200

Vuna Khicuri and ILish Vaja Special

Chinigura Rice , Mugh Dal, Mosuri…
৳  200

Main Dish

Bashmoti Khichuri Platter

Basmoti Rice, Mugh Daal, Egg, Meat…
৳  250

Beef Tehari (by mustard Oil) Special

Mustard Oil, Beef Meat, Chinigura, Ghi,…
৳  240

Chicken Khichuri

Chinigura Rice, chicken, Begun, Egg,Dal
৳  180

Morog Polao

Chinigura Egg Deshi Chicken Rice Bran…
৳  180

Set Menu-Pabda Fish, Kola vorta, Begun Vorta, Dal,Rice

Pabda Fish, kacha kola, lentrils, begun,…
৳  175

Set Menue- Rui fish, Lal shak, Dal with Lau, Rice.

Rui Fish, Lal shak, Dal, Lau,…
৳  200

Side dish

Rui Fish Kopta Curry

Rui fish, Onion , garlic, Egg…
৳  180


Fried Rice with Chicken Fry

Chicken, egg, vegetables, Onion, Chinigura Rice…
৳  210

Noodles Special

Noodles, Meat, Egg, Onion & necessary…
৳  190


Chicken Chop Special

Chicken, potatoes, egg, bread crumbs, Onion…
৳  30

Chicken Kima special Jhal Pitha

Flour, Chicken, potatoes, spices.
৳  20

Chicken Shingara

Chicken, potatoes, flour, salt etc
৳  15

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