Frozen Snacks


Dall/Aloo Puri (Frozen)

Flour, dall/aloo,oil, spice,etc
৳  15

Frozen Masala Puri (20 pcs)

Flour. Potato, spicey masala,salt etc
৳  15


Beef Kabab

Beef, vut er daal, salt, etc
৳  15

Beef Samosa/chiken samosa (Frozen)

Beef kima, onion, green chili, salt…
৳  20

Chicken Nugget

Chiken kima, egg, oil, flour etc
৳  15

Chicken Roll

Chiken mixed vegetable, black paper, soya…
৳  20

Dim Chop

Potato, egg, chili, oil, etc
৳  20

French Fry (Frozen)

Potato, oil, salt etc
৳  200

Kolija singara

Flour, liver, oil, potato etc
৳  15


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