Daily Meal
Main Dish

Main Dish

Meal (Lunch and Dinner)

Beef, Aromatic rice, curd, biriyani masala,…
৳  120

Smoked Illish

Illish Fish, Sweet and Chilli and…
৳  200


Chinese Set Menu

Polao rice, chicken, vegetable
৳  115

fast food

Chicken Burger Small

Sause, meanose, medium spice, Fresh bun,…
৳  65

Momo with Chatni

Flour , chicken, chatni
৳  50

main dish for lunch or dinner

Daily Meal

Chal, dal, mach, murgi, vegetable, beef,…
৳  90


Mutton, various spices etc
৳  150


Chicken Patty

boneless chicken with yummy tastes
৳  50

Spring Roll

vegetable egg
৳  35

snacks, tiff in, main dish

Chicken Chap with Tanduri

৳  75

Kolija Singara

flour, beef kolija, vegetable
৳  12

snacks, tiff in, main dish, side dish

Frozen Kabli Kabab

Beef, masala etc
৳  68


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