Daily Meal
Main Dish
Side Dish


Egg Pudding

Egg, milk, sugar, etc
৳  300

Firni Special

Cinigura rich,sugar,milk,ghree,sagu Dana etc
৳  400

Kejur Gurer Payesh

Chini gura rice .Milk.khejur gur etc.
৳  500

Patishapta Pitha

৳  30

Main dish

Beef Biriyani

Beef, cinigura rice, oil, yogart,etc.
৳  190

Chicken Biriyani

Chini gura rice chicken. Egg. Salad…
৳  150

Chicken Curry

Chicken. Oil. Chili. Ect
৳  260

Chicken Dopeyaza

Chicken. Potato . Oil. Chili ect
৳  350

Deshi Chicken Kurma

Tak doi. Milk.ghee. Onion ect
৳  450


Chini gura chal, dal, onion etc.
৳  300

Loitta Fish

Onion. Chili .Oil.ect
৳  280

Rui Fish Fry chili.onion ect
৳  70



Egg, chotpoti dall,  fuchka etc
৳  180

Jolpai Achar

Jolpai, oil, sugar etc.
৳  120

Jolpai Achar 1kg

Jolpai oil shorisha garlic ect
৳  500

Side dish

Begun Vorta

Egg, begun, onion ect
৳  100

Chattogram Style Kalo Vuna

Beef,oil,gorom mosola,onions,etc
৳  890

Chingri Fish

Chingri, spices, oil
৳  800

Chingri Kari

Chingri oil onion red chili ect
৳  399

Chingri Lau

Lau, chingri, garlic, oil ETC
৳  230

Chittagong’s Mezbani Beef Vuna

Beef, special spices, oil,onions etc
৳  650

Kufta Curry

Meat, oil, tomato, such, onion ect
৳  399

Onion Leaves Fry

Egg, oil, green chili ETC
৳  80

Rui Fish Bhuna

Roi fish,oil,onion.etc.
৳  80

Vandi Vaji

Vandi, oil, onion, chili
৳  80

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Ordered Firni Special from this kitchen and it was worth it. We assumed the firni would be so special as it was only 500 gram written for tk. 400. However we received 1KG for same price. Good food.

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