Main Dish
Side Dish
Frozen Snacks


Lotta Shutki With Chingri Vuna

Loitta, chingri, onion, chili, masala etc
৳  150


Carrot Delight

Ingredients : Carrot, Milk, Suger, Ghee…
৳  40

Chocolate Cake Pudding

Its very tasty
৳  400

Cup Dahi

You can use it as dessert.
৳  30

Gajorer Halua

It’s made by Carrot,Milk,Maoa,Suger and Ghee.
৳  250

Home Made Fresh Dahi

Milk, suger
৳  300

Khejur Gurer Payesh

Pure milk, chinigura rice and khejur…
৳  450

Khejurer Halua

It’s made by Khejur,Milk,Ghee,Nuts
৳  250

Khirsha Dudh Puli (6 pcs)

It made by home made khirsha.1kg…
৳  250

Shahi Tukra

Ingredients : Bread, Milk, Pesta.
৳  220

Shuji Delight

It’s made by suji,milk,ghee,coco and jafran
৳  35


Chicken Mutho Kabab

Chicken keema, mint, gerlic and ginger…
৳  40

Special Chicken Kabab

Chicken keema, kabab masala and thai…
৳  40

Frozen snacks

Frozen Chicken Burger Patty

Chicken keema, onion, garlic, ginger,black pepper.
৳  50



Tok jhal misti chotpoti its very…
৳  150

Dahi Bora 8 Pieces

Serving quantity is 8 pieces
৳  350

Main Dish

Achari Beef

Achari Beef is mouthwatering famous dish.You…
৳  500

Chicken Roast

Deshi chicken Rost.
৳  120

Data Chingri

Prawn, Data and Green chilli jhol
৳  200

Green Chicken

Ingredients : Chicken, Mint,Green Chilli and…
৳  200

Haree Kabab

Beef Haree kabab is kabab flavour…
৳  600

Koi Paturi 2 pcs

Ingredients is koi fish,Mustard, garlic and…
৳  150

Mola Fish With Green Mango

Mola fish, Onion, Green mango
৳  200

Morog Polao Combo (with cup dahi)

It cook special Akhni water, Dim…
৳  200

Shahi Whole Chicken Massallam

Chicken, curd, Special massallam masala, nuts,
৳  560

Whole Grill Chicken

Chicken, Curd,Grill masala, lemonjuice,
৳  560

Main dish

Chicken Jhal Frazi

Its made by chicken,curd,tomrto pest,green chilli.
৳  400

Special Set Menu

Set menu. Plain Rice, Chingri vorta,ponir…
৳  300

Vegetable Khichuri, Egg Vuna and Vorta

Rainy day special dish.
৳  120


Jolpai Achar

Olive,Garli, pachforon,Musterd oil,Surge
৳  240


Jolpai Achar

Olive, Garlic, chill, Sugar, Mustard oil,…
৳  250

Jolpaier Chatni

Jolpai, Khati Shorisar tel,Rosun,Chini,Pachforon
৳  240


Dudh Chitoi Pitha

Chauler gura, Khejur gur and Dudh.
৳  220

Special Vapa Puli

Narikel, khejur gur and maoa diye…
৳  20

Side Dish

Baghara Begun

৳  100

Egg Kofta Curry (10pcs)

Egg,milk and other masala.
৳  150

Potol er Dolma (4 pcs)

Ingredients : Prawn or Chicken and…
৳  140

Pudina Egg kabab

Ingredients- Egg, potato, mint
৳  30

Shahi Beef Halim (400 gm)

Beef and mixed Dal (pulse, Lentil…
৳  300

Side dish

Cabbage with Fish Fry.

Cabbage, Rui or Katol fish, Onion,…
৳  160

Chicken Kofta Curry

Ingredients is ginger garlic pest,Chicken keema…
৳  250

Fish Ball Curry

It’s made by Rui or Katla…
৳  230

Whole Roasted Stuffed Fulkopi

It’s made by simple ingredients Fulkopi,Chicken…
৳  270


Club Sandwich

It very testy snack.
৳  60

Khirsha Patishapta Pitha

Patisapta pitha made by home made…
৳  40

Nokshi Pitha

Nokshi Pitha is a popular traditional…
৳  25


Holuder Pithar Dala

Pitha made by Rice flour,Khejurer gur,khirsha
৳  2,100


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