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Chinese Beef Sizzling

Beef, vegetable, mushroom carrots, red, green,…
৳  325

Special Egg Fried Rice, Chicken and Beef Sizzling

Egg, rice, chicken, beef, oil, spices,…
৳  180


Beef Sami kabab

Beef kima, onion, chili, egg, bread…
৳  30

Chicken Jhal Vuna ( For 3/4 Persons)

Chicken, chili, potato  masala etc
৳  200

Chicken Kurma

Farm chicken, misty doi, tok doi,…
৳  500

Dimer Kurma (8 Pieces)

Egg, coconut milk, sugar, spices
৳  215

Doi (Suger free)

Pure milk from cow, Suger free…
৳  85

Doi (Suger Free)

Made from pure milk of cow,…
৳  40

Dudh Doi Kola Chirra

Doi, kola, dudh, chira, misty, sugar,…
৳  95

Gorur Payar Nehari (with 8 pcs chaler ruti)

Gorur paya, chili,  ginger, garlic etc.
৳  285

Grill Hot Chicken

Farm chicken, hot chilli etc.
৳  115

Jhal Dim Vuna

Egg, oniin, ginger, chilli, oil etc.
৳  220

Kakrol Vorta

kakrol, sorisar tel, jhal morich
৳  45

Khichuri with Jhal Beef Curry

Rice, musur dal, oil, spices, beef,…
৳  175

Kolmi Shak Vaji

Kolmi shak, chili, oil etc
৳  65

Misty Puli Pitha

Narikel, khejur gur, chaler ata etc
৳  16

Onion Beresta

onion, oil etc
৳  185

Pabda Mach er Vuna

Pabda fish, onion, chili, spices
৳  250

Plain Khichuri Dim Vaji, Chatney

Rice, dal, alu, jhal, egg, pickles…
৳  100

Plain Polaw (For 3/4 Person)

Polao rice, oil etc
৳  215

Plain Polaw with Egg Korma, Beef Vuna

polaw rice, egg, mixed vegatable, jhal…
৳  270

Rui Fish Vuna ( 3 pieces large size )

Rui fish, red chilli Masala etc
৳  250

Sada Vaat with Sorshe Ilish

Ilish, plain rice, lebu, peaz, kacha…
৳  175


Cup Doi

Milk, sugar.
৳  28

Dudh Semai

Milk, semai, gura dudh, sugar, badam,…
৳  320

Sweet Pudding

milk, egg, caramel, sugar etc
৳  210

Side Dish

Beef Jhal Vuna (400gm)

Beef, chili, masala etc
৳  375

Fried Chicken

Farm chicken, egg, oil etc.
৳  480


Alur Chop

potato, beef kima, onion, oil etc.
৳  30

Chicken Lollipop

Chicken meat, chilli, ginger & other…
৳  32

Chicken Meat Ball

Farm Chicken meat, various spices, salt…
৳  8

Chicken Steamed Momo

Chicken, egg, onion, flour etc.
৳  20

Chicken Vegetable Egg Roll

Chicken, vegetable, egg, chilli, flour etc.
৳  35

Puli Pitha With Jhal Dimer Pur

Chaler gura, egg, chicken meat, carrot…
৳  16

Rice Cheese Chicken Meat Ball

Rice, cheese, chicken, egg, bread crumbs,…
৳  16


Flour, corn starch , egg, chicken,…
৳  18


100% Pura Guava Jelly

Ripe guava, sugar
৳  265

Chaler Gurir Soru Pitha

Chaler guri, gur, narikel, suger etc
৳  350

Dudh Puli Pitha

Milk, chaler guri, gur, narikel etc.
৳  350

Mini Kol Balis Misty

Pure milk, suger, chana etc.
৳  40

Sujir Borfi

Suji, sugar, powder milk, oil, ghee,…
৳  15

Sweet Doi

Pure milk of cow, suger
৳  110

Sweet Dudh MalaI Chop

Pure cow’s  milk, milk powder, chana,…
৳  45

main dish

Beef Biryani

Beef, polaw rice, tok doi, milk,…
৳  725

Chicken Tehari

polaw rice, chicken ( Broyler/cock) ,chili,…
৳  155

Egg Fried Rice ( For 4 person )

Polao chal, egg, chili, oil etc
৳  225

Ilish polaw

Ilish, polaw rice, spices, milk, sweet…
৳  685

Jhal Beef Vuna, Suji Ruti and Sweet Suji Halwa

Beef, potato, suji, sugar, chilli etc
৳  195

Khichuri, Chicken Jhal Mangsho, Vaji/ Chatni

Khichuri, chicken jhal mangsho, vaji ba…
৳  165

Sada Bhat, Koi Vuna, Bhaji

Rice, Koi fish, vegetables, shak, chili.
৳  170

Shada Bhat, Rui Mach Vuna r Bhaji

Rice, Rui fish, vegetable, oil, masala…
৳  180

Special Mexican Rice, Grill Chicken, Salad, Potato Chop

polaw chal, chicken, kismis, badad, potato…
৳  400

side dish

Chaler Atar Ruti

Rice flour, salt
৳  8

Ilish kurma

Ilish, misty doi, plain doi, spices
৳  495

Koi Mach Vuna (5pcs)

koi fish, variant masala.
৳  250

Mixed Gravy Vegetable with Chicken & Mushroom

Chicken, Mushroom, papaya, chal-kumra, gajor, capsicum,…
৳  220

Sorshe Ilish

Ilish Fish, sorshe bata, other spices
৳  550

Vapa Dimer Kurma

Egg, coconut milk, chili, sugar, spices.
৳  199

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