Side Dish
Daily Meal
Rice Menu
Set Menu


Soft Roll — 6 pcs

Alll purpose flour, salt, Egg. Etc
৳  120

Daily Lunch Menu Set

TK. 80 Daily Lunch Menu Set – Vuna Khichuri + Chicken Jhal Curry + Salad

Chinigura Polaw Rice, Mug- Moshur Dal,…
৳  80

TK. 80 Daily Lunch Menu Set – Vuna Khichuri + Chicken Tikka + Egg Korma + Salad

Chinigura Polaw Rice, Mug-Moshur Dal, Chicken,…
৳  80


Chichinga with Egg Bhaji

Chichinga, Eggs, Chili, Onions, Spices, Lemon,…
৳  80

KataMoshla Beef Curry

Beef, Spices, Onions, Red Chili, Oil,…
৳  300

Luchi with Jhal Beef Curry

Luchi: All Purpose Flour, Salt. Beef:…
৳  300


Caramel Cake Pudding

Eggs, Sugar, Flour, Milk. Etc.
৳  450

Chocolate Swiss Roll – 15Pcs

All-Purpose Flour, Butter Cream, Vanilla Essence,…
৳  400

Vanilla-Jelly Swiss Roll – 15Pcs

Vanilla Essence, All-Purpose Flour, Butter Cream.…
৳  400


Steamed Puli Pitha – 20 Pcs

Rice Flour, Coconut, Date Molasses, Sugar.Etc.
৳  350

Main Dish

Plain Polaw With Chicken Roast (With Salad)- FOR 4 PEOPLE

FOR 4 PEOPLE Plain Polaw Rice,…
৳  350

Sea Food

Hot Prawn Masala ( Jhal Chingri Curry)

Prawns, Onions, Spices, Oil, Chili.
৳  200

Pabda Fish Dopeyaza

Seasonal Vegetables, Pabda Fish, Spices, Oil,…
৳  120

Prawn with Pui Shagh and Pumpkin Curry

Prawns, Pui Shagh, Pumpkin, Oil, Onions,…
৳  110

Prawn With Pumpkin Curry ( Chingri Mishti Kumro Curry)

Prawns, Pumpkin, Onions, Spices, Chili.
৳  100

Rui Fish Curry with Seasonal Vegetables

Rui Fish, Seasonal Vegetables, Spices, Oil,…
৳  150

Set Menu

Lunch Set Menu – Beef Biryani Special

Polaw Rice, Beef, Potatoes, Spices, Onions,…
৳  190

Lunch Set Menu – Beef Khichuri with Salad

Polaw Rice, Beef, Spices, Potatoes, Onions,…
৳  120

Lunch Set Menu – Rice and Jhal Beef Curry With Daal

Rice, Daal, Potatoes, Beef, Onion, Spices.etc.…
৳  140

Lunch Set Menu- Chicken Egg Veg Fried Rice with Fried Chicken

Rice, Chicken, Vegetables, Egg, Chili.
৳  150

Side Dish

Beef Chili – Without Onions

Beef, spices, oil. Etc.
৳  300

Chicken Gravy Nargis Kabab-12 pcs

Chicken, Spices, Onions, Oil. Etc.
৳  300

Lady Finger Curry ( Dherosh Torkari)

Lady Finger, Onion, Spices, Coriander, Oil,…
৳  50


Fried Chicken Bucket – 8pcs

Chicken, Flour, Spices, Salt, Breadcrumbs, Eggs.
৳  350


Chicken Alfredo Penne/ Twisted Pasta

Pasta, Cheese, Chicken, Seasonings, Etc.
৳  150

Chicken Pizza – Large 11″

Flour, Chicken, Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Capsicum,…
৳  500

Chicken Pizza – Medium 10″

Flour, Chicken, Pizza Sauce, Cheese, Capsicum,…
৳  400

Honey Glazed Grilled Chicken

Chicken, Spices, Oil, Onions, Secret Ingredient(😉).
৳  350

Whole Chicken Jhal Masala

Whole Chicken(Cock or Deshi, your wish…
৳  300

Special Set Menu

Lunch Set Menu – Special Shahi Chicken Biryani

Polaw Rice, Chicken(Cock), Spices, Oil, Potatoes,…
৳  600

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