Main Dish
Side Dish
Set Menu
Daily Meal
Rice Menu


Sponge Cake

Flour, sugar, butter, milk and eggs
৳  350


Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Cube, Manchurian sauce, other sauces,…
৳  420

Chinese Mixed Vegetable Curry

Main ingredients are seasonal vegetables (…
৳  380

Egg Fried Rice + Tandoori Chicken + Chinese Vegetable

Deshi Chicken, Chinigura/ Kalijira Rice, Egg,…
৳  250


Rice Bowl with Chicken

Chinigura Rice, Chicken cube, Vegetables, Spices
৳  99


Whole Telapia Fry

One large size telapia fish, termaric…
৳  330


Beef or Goat Brain Vuna

Beef or Goat Brain, various types…
৳  590

Beef Tehari

Beef, Chinigura / kalijira Rice, Egg,…
৳  180

Chingri Malaikari

Bagda Chingri medium size 10 to…
৳  520
Rated 1.00 out of 5

Deshi Sobji Curry

Seasonal Vegetables such as papaya, carrot,…
৳  170

Dhakaia Tehari

Small pieces of Beef, Pure mustered…
৳  250

Illish Kacha Kolar Jhol

Medium Size Illash 1 PC, kacha…
৳  350

Illish Polao

Hilsha fish 01 Pc medium size, chinigura…
৳  300

Rice with Rui Fish Curry+ Mixed Vegetable+ Dal Vuna

Rice, Rui Fish, Vegetables, Lentil, Potatoes,…
৳  190

Rice+ Telapia Curry+ Mixed Vegetable/ Shak+ Dal Vuna

Rice+ Telapia Fish+ Vegetables/ Shak+ Lentil+…
৳  160

Rice+ Three types Vorta+ Shak / Deshi Sobji + Dal

Rice, Vorta with Alu/ Begun/ Dim/…
৳  140

Set Menu- Rice + Ayer Fish Curry+ Dal Vuna + Mixed Vegetable/ Vaji/ Shak

Rice + Ayer Fish+ Lentil +…
৳  290

Set menu- Rice + Beef Curry + Dal Vuna + Mixed Vegetable/ Shak

Rice + Beef + Lentil +…
৳  280

Set Menu- Rice + Palong Chingri / Law Chingri+ Dal Vuna + Mixed Vegetable/ korolla vaji

Rice , Palong Shak, Bagda Chingri,…
৳  150

Set Menu- Rice with Chicken Jhal Curry + Mixed Vegetable/ Shak+ Dal Vuna

Rice , Farm or deshi Chicken…
৳  220

Set Menu- Rice with Chingri Dopeyaza+ Mixed Vegetable + Dal Vuna

Rice, Bagda Chingri, Lentil, Seasonal Vegetables…
৳  180

Set Menu- Rice with Pangash Vuna+ Mixed Vegetable+ Dal Vuna

Rice, Pangash fish, Lentil, Seasonal Vegetables…
৳  150

Set Menu- Rice with Sorshe Illish+ Mixed Vegetable+ Dal Vuna

Rice, medium size Illish fish, Lentil,…
৳  350
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Shorshe Illish

Illish medium size 01 piece, shorshe…
৳  350

Vorta Special – Any 5

Alu, Begun, potol, dim, Rui, telappia,…
৳  160


Bashmoti Jorda

Bashmoti Rice, sugar, ghee, Mawa, sweets,…
৳  450

Bombay Halua

Corn flour, lemon, food color, spices,…
৳  250

Buter Daler Halua

Buter dal, ghee, spices, kaju, pesta,…
৳  300

Ceramel Egg Pudding

Special Egg Pudding is such a…
৳  320

Cup Firni

Chinigura Rice, Cow milk, spices, nuts,…
৳  30

Dimer Special Halwa

Eggs, Cow Milk , condensed milk…
৳  290

Fruit Custard

Custard Powder, Cow Milk, Seasonal fruits…
৳  298

Gajorer Special Halwa/ Laddu

Carrots, Cow milk, Mawa, Ghee and…
৳  250

Halwa Set- Gajor+ Butt+ Dim+ Suji + Bombay Halwa

Gajor, Butter Dal, Dim, Suji, Corn…
৳  498

Jorda Semai

Vermicelli, Sugar Cirap, Ghee, Kaju, Pesta,…
৳  250

Lachcha Semai

Traditional Lachcha Semai / লাচ্ছা সেমাই…
৳  280

Lal Mohon

Flour, Powder milk, Sugar cyrup
৳  200

Shahi Firni

Pure Cow Milk, Chinigura or Kalijira…
৳  260

Shahi Jorda Polaw

Kalijira or Chinigura rice with morobba,…
৳  290

Shahi Tukra

Fresh Bread, crushed cardamom and soaked…
৳  25

Sponger Rosogolla

Cow Milk, Flour, Lemon, Sugar cyrup
৳  200

Sujir Borfi or Halwa

Suji, ghee, oil, sugar, Kaju, Pesta,…
৳  20

Vermicelli Milk Payesh

Vermicelli, Pure cow milk, sugar, Kaju.…
৳  280


Chicken Korma

Whole broilar Chicken (1.5 kg), Secret…
৳  599

Chicken Tandoori

Whole Farm Chicken (1.5 kg), Tandoori…
৳  599

Kacchi Biriyani

Mutton 02 pcs, Chinigura Rice, Potato,…
৳  290

Pakki Biriyani

Mutton 02 pcs, Chinigura Rice, potato,…
৳  280

Shammi Kabab

Shammi kabab made with beef keema…
৳  30

Vegetable Khichuri

Chinigura Rice, pulse, Mug, Vegetables, Spices,…
৳  230

Main Dish

Beef Khichuri

Beef, Chinigura Rice, lentil, Mug, Egg,…
৳  220

Beef Kolija Vuna

Beef Kolija, potatoes, spices, oil, salt…
৳  460

Beef Vuri Vuna / Bot

Beef Bhuri or bot, spices
৳  460

Chicken Biriyani

Deshi Chicken 02 Pcs, Chinigura Rice,…
৳  170

Chicken Chingri Polaw

Deshi Chicken 02 Pcs, Chinigura Rice,…
৳  260

Chicken Khichuri

Deshi Chicken 02 Pcs, Chinigura Rice,…
৳  180

Chingri Dopeyaza

Bagda Chingri 08 to 10 pieces,…
৳  430

Chui Jhal Beef

Beef, chui, spices, onion, oil, salt
৳  430

Dimer Shahi Korma

Dim korma made by kaju and…
৳  360

Joga Khichuri

Kalijira or Chinigura Rice, Mug, Pulse,…
৳  230

Mejbani Beef

Beef (500 Gm box), Mejbani Special…
৳  599
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Mom’s Special Beef

Beef (500 Gm box),Mom’s special secret…
৳  495
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Mutton Kolija Vuna

Mutton liver, onion, potatoes, ghee, spices
৳  550

Set Menu- Polaw+ Chicken Roast+ Chingri Dopeyaza+ Boiled Egg

Deshi Chicken, Chinigura or Kalijira rice,…
৳  200

Shahi Beef Vuna

Beef (500 Gm box), Special Shahi…
৳  425

Shorshe Illish – 4 Pieces

Hilsha Fish, Mustard gravy, green chili,…
৳  1,400

Special Shutki Vuna

Various kinds of shutki like loita,…
৳  360

Whole Duck Curry

Deshi Hash, Spices
৳  850

Whole Rui Fish Curry

Whole Rui Fish (3.5 to 4.5…
৳  520

Set Menu

Egg Fried Rice+ Fried Chicken + Chinese Vegetable

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Deshi/ Farm…
৳  250

Set Menu- Egg Fried Rice+ Chili Chicken/ Chicken Manchurian+ Chinese Vegetable

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Chicken Cube,…
৳  270

Set Menu- Polaw + Chicken Roast/ Korma + Chinese Vegetable

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Deshi /…
৳  240

Set Menu- Polaw + Dim Korma + Chicken Fry

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Egg, Sure…
৳  220

Set Menu- Tandury Chicken+ Plain Polaw + Chinese Vegetable + Alu Chop

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Deshi Chicken…
৳  270

Set Menu- Vuna Khichuri + Chicken Jhal Curry +Alu Vorta+ Achar

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, Lentil, Mug,…
৳  130

Set Menu- Vuna Khichuri + Dim Vuna+ Begun Vaja +Achar

Chinigura Rice, lentil, Mug,Begun, Spices, Egg…
৳  140
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Set Menu- Vuna Khichuri + Illish Vaja + Dim Vuna+Achar

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, lentil, mug,…
৳  350

Set Menu- Vuna Khichuri + Special Beef Curry+ Alu Vorta+Achar

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, lentil, mug,…
৳  280

Side Dish

Beef Rezala

Beef, yogurt , malai, nut paste…
৳  640
Rated 2.00 out of 5

Chapali Kabab

Beef kima, Various sauces, green chili,…
৳  45

Chicken Roast

Deshi or Farm Chicken, salt, card,…
৳  130

Deshi Vegetable Curry (250 gm)

Deshi vegetable curry made with deshi…
৳  80

Dim Vuna

Egg, tomato, onion, oil, salt, spices,…
৳  140

Farm Chicken Curry

Whole Chicken Curry ( minimum 1.5…
৳  520

Farm Chicken Curry

Farm Chicken 02 pieces, potatoes optional,…
৳  120

Illisher Jhal Vuna Curry

Medium size Illish 01 piece, onion,…
৳  350

Kachki Vuna

Kachki fish, onion, green chili, spices
৳  290

Mutton Rezala

Mutton, spices, curd, milk, onion, ghee,…
৳  660

Plain polao

Chinigura or Kalijira Rice, onion, spices.…
৳  298

Vuna khichuri

Aromatic rice such as kalijira or…
৳  280

Whole Chicken Jhal Curry

Deshi Chicken, Potatoes (Optional), Spices
৳  530
Rated 5.00 out of 5


Beef Haleem

One kg Beef Haleem is made…
৳  450

Beef Kima Potato Chop

Beef Kima Potato Chop made with…
৳  30

Chicken Corn Soup / Thai Soup

Traditional chicken soup gets an interesting…
৳  150

Chicken Haleem

Minced meat of chicken , lentils and spices,…
৳  380

Chicken Kima Potato Chop

Chicken Kima, Potato,  green Chilies, chopped…
৳  30

Chicken-Vege Noodles with French Fry

Noodles, Chicken Cube, Sausages, egg, verious…
৳  160

Crispy Fried Chicken with French Fry

Crispy Chicken Fry made by Farm…
৳  160

Dimer Devil

One full egg and potatos, spices.
৳  45

French Fry

Potatoes, salt, black paper, oil, spices 
৳  80

Mutton Halim

Mutton, four types of dal, ground…
৳  490

Pan Cake

Butter, Milk, Egg, Flour, Sugar, Oil
৳  30

Potato Chop

Potatoes, salt, spices, green chili, chopped…
৳  20

Thai Chawmin

Thai chawmin is made with Pad…
৳  130

7 reviews for Homemade Food Factory

  1. 5 out of 5

    ভুনা খিচুড়ির সেট মেনু অর্ডার করেছিলাম। খাবার ভালো ছিলো। খেয়ে তৃপ্ত। তবে কোয়ান্টিটি একটু বেশি পরিমানে দেয়া হয়েছে। এতো কোয়ান্টিটি না পারা যায় খেতে না পাআর যায় ফেলে দিতে। আশা করি এটা একটু খেয়াল রাখবেন।

  2. 5 out of 5

    Liked this mom’s special beef. Ordered twice.

  3. 5 out of 5

    No complain about food! Good.

  4. 5 out of 5

    nicely cooked (Mejbani Beef)

  5. 1 out of 5

    Amount is very low. There were lot of bones too. I was supposed to get 500gm. But what I was delivered was only about 300gm. It was supposed to be our sehri menu. But we had to buy food from restaurant after eating this. It is below 1 star. If there was negative star, I would rate that. Obviously not recommending

  6. 1 out of 5

    khabar onek normal silo.

    Foodpeon APP ta ashole ami amar friend k suggest koresilam.
    Amar friend amader 5jon er jonno Beef Tehari order diyesilo.
    But shudhu khaoar jonno kheyesi. Khabar moja silo naa, alu pora silo, Rice eto beshi but Beef only 5 pieces.

    Actually, I was expecting more, I am going with 1 star and I will avoid this Homemade Food Factory from now on.

  7. 4 out of 5

    Food was tasty and fresh. But compared to rice prawn was very small and inadequate.

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