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Main Dish, Deshi

Chicken Dum Biryani (Desi Chicken)

Basmati Rice Desi Chicken Egg
৳  250

Eilish Pulao with Dim er Bhuna

Pulao, Elish, Egg
৳  540

Tomatoo Chingri Dopeyaji

Shrimp, spices, Tomato ETC
৳  750

Main Dish, Deshi, Lunch, Dinner

Beef Bhuna Khichuri with Omlet

Beef, Rice, Egg
৳  200

Beef Tehari (Mustard Oil)

Beef, Rice, special masala and other…
৳  180

Main Dish, Deshi, Winter Special

Duck Bhuna with Coconut Milk

Whole Duck Coconut Milk Potato
৳  1,000

Main Dish, Side Dish, Continental

Special Chicken Curry (Chicken Mustajan)

Whole Chicken, spices, chili and other…
৳  700

Main Dish. Italian

Italian Garlic and Tomato Chicken

Whole Chicken and other secret ingredients.
৳  700


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