Top Frequently Asked Questions

If you reside in Dhaka metro area, YES, we deliver to your address. Please bear in your mind, however, we are unable to deliver to Jatrabari, Shanir Akhra, Demra, Gulistan, Sayedabad  & Old town for time being.

Every food item has it’s own preparation time which is set by the kitchen. Once you place the order, we confirm it to the kitchen. Then, kitchen starts cooking/baking the item for you. Therefore, kitchens requires a certain amount of time after you place your order.

Why preparation time varies? Well, some items require more time to prepare, some kitchens need more time to cook. That is why same item offered by different kitchen may require different cooking/baking time.

Foodpeon offers the cheapest way to order homemade food. Therefore, the delivery charge depends on the distance between your area and kitchen’s area. You will see the charge in checkout page once your select your area.

If you order all items from one kitchen, we will have one pickup point. Only regular delivery charge (base rate+distance rate) will be applied. However, if you order from 2 (two) kitchens, our pickup points will be 2 (two). Therefore an extra pickup charge is added to the cart.

You can order from as many kitchens as you want. Pickup charge will be increasing while your delivery charge remains same.

Our lead time is 60 minutes.

However, you will receive your food after “food preparation time + 60 minutes“.

We believe in customer’s convenience and satisfaction. Therefore, yes, we do.

You can place order from any kitchen you want from. Delivery time & charge will be calculated based on the distance between your area and kitchen’s area.

Foodpeon is the fastest growing foodtech startup that brings local home chefs to the end consumers. It serves its customers a searching tool which helps customers to find plentiful homemade foods from nearby home kitchens who prepare healthy and delicious food in their own kitchens. Foodpeon also has excellent customers and delivery services dedicated to the customers.

Let’s say, you love visiting one of your aunts or bhabis because of her specialty in cooking. The food, your aunt or bhabi prepares, is so delicious that you forget you are putting weight. Our chefs are those aunts, bhabis, moms and sisters who cook delicious and healthy food at their home. They do not work professionally in any restaurant, but enthusiastic to prepare food for the customers of Foodpeon.

There are certain benefits you will get if you choose homemade food.

  • Saves Money: Eating homemade food is usually much cheaper than eating at a restaurant. Since Foodpeon operates online, the operation cost is minimum which results the final price cheaper.
  • Healthier Ingredients: Many commercially prepared foods are high in fat, salt, and sugar. When we prepare our own food, we know exactly which ingredients and how much of each are going into our food. Our chefs cook at home and they are in control as they prepare few orders every day.
  • Food Safety: Since our chefs cook same food for their customers and their families as well, you will have the peace of mind you need in knowing that you are having the freshest ingredients, and it’s hygienic.

Once we confirm the order with kitchen, we usually do not fail to deliver. It never happened with Foodpeon.

We understand future is uncertain. Usually it happens if delivery assistant or chef encounters any accident. We guarantee you, Foodpeon will cover you if it happens ever.

Ordering System

We usually do not ask for advance payment if the order amount is low or the customer has already ordered couple of times from Foodpeon. However, we may ask for 40%-50% as advance payment when the total value is above Tk. 500 and the customer is new.

It’s really simple as it’s supposed to be. Search food by your location. Add your desired food to the cart. Checkout by filling up your exact delivery addresses and phone number. You can pay at the time when food is served on your hand. Foodpeon takes cash, coin and bKash.

You can use your office or home address. The address must be the one where you want your food to be delivered. If you would like to order for someone else and address is different than yours, you must pay the whole amount upfront via bKash.Currently, Foodpeon does not deliver at any public place like, station, park or shopping mall.

You can pay by cash on delivery. Do not worry; delivery assistants will carry enough changes. You also can pay by bKash. If your order bulk items, you may have to pay a certain amount as an advance via bKash.

Call straight to the customer service at 017 700 50 700.

On both app & web, you will have chance to cancel your own order right after you place order. However, once order is confirmed and you like to cancel your order, you will have to inform Foodpeon as early as possible, so that Foodpeon gets enough time to inform kitchen.

Call 017-700-50-700 or email us [email protected]

Yes, Foodpeon takes order via phone. If you have any trouble ordering online, do not hesitate to call at 017 700 50 700.

My Account

At top of the page, click on Login/Signup. A popup box will appear (or, it will redirect you to login/register page). You can create an account with your facebook profile. To do so, click on ‘Log in with facebook’ and follow the instruction.Alternatively, you can click on ‘Create an account’ link from the pop up box to register with Foodpeon using your email address.

Even though it’s just few clicks away, creating an account is not mandatory to order. However, there are few definite advantages of creating an account on Foodpeon:

  • You can make quick order by 3 clicks.
  • You will get all promotions on your hand quickly.
  • You do not have to write address & phone number every time you order.
  • And there are many more…Why don’t you just register and discover them!

Created an account but forget the password? No worries. Click on Login/Signup from top corner of the page and click on ‘Forget Password?’. Write down your email address and submit. A password recovery link will be sent to your email address.

Kitchen/Merchant Zone

Yes, of course. If you are good in cooking, you are good in business.

You want to sell your homemade food on foodpeon? Well, visit this link and fill up the form. Someone from Foodpeon will contact you shortly and will arrange a sitting (if required).


We insist our listed kitchens to use foil, foil-coated and food graded plastic trays/boxes for packaging. All chefs are instructed to do so. However, if you find vulnerable or less-standard packaging used in any of your order, feel free to take picture and send to us immediately.

Foodpeon aims to provide a service that exceeds your expectations, whilst also offering competitively priced products and services. In addition, it provides a wide range of homemade delicious & healthy food from several home chefs nearby your location and across the city as well.

No, we do not (full-stop)

We provide electronic invoice through email. Once you order from our website, you will receive an invoice via email and a short message on you mobile too.

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