Healthy Lunch Plater

Rice-Najirshail /Miniket Rice,
Vorta 1Ccoriander leaves(dhone pata),Garlic,Mustered oil,Green chili, Salt
vorta 2-Green Banana/Tomato/Brinjal/Potato/Egg,Onion,Green Chili, Fried Red Chili,Salt, Mustered oil
Mixed Vegetable-Seasonal Vegetables,Onion,Garlic, Ginger, Coriander, Vegetable oil, Green Chili, Salt
Chicken curry-Chicken,curry powder, Onion,Garlic, Ginger, turmeric powder,chili powder,Coriander, Vegetable oil, Green Chili, Salt


৳  120

This is a complete meal for a person for lunch or dinner. Obviously, this is made with a minimum quantity of vegetable oil and fresh ingredients.

A plater serves one adult person.


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