Tok Jhaal Shobjir (Veg) Aachar

Category: Pickles

Food Ingredients: Carrot, cauliflower, olive, cabbage, green chillis along with garlic, red chillis, pure Mustard oil from village, gur and some special spices along with traditional Achar spices

Descriptions: I would like to offer you my special Shobji'r Aachar. This Achar has always been one of our favorites. This Achar is made of mixed vegetables such as carrot, cauliflower, olive, cabbage, green chili along with garlic, red chili, pure Mustard oil, Gur and some special spices along with traditional Achar spices. It goes great with Kichuri special or plain rice too. Your tastebuds will surely love the combination of Tok, Jhaal & Misti taste of this Achar and want to have more and more. Try it & don't miss it. Note: You may store the Achar in the refrigerator for months. Quantity: 1 bottle weighs 750 ml approx.


Cook is on vacation. Will be available after 31st December



Min Order


Cook Time

24 hours

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