Sweet & Sour Beef

.Beef , onion, temarind,  ginger, garlic,  spices , salt etc


৳  500

This special type of Beef vuna(masala) which does not exist in any other chicken. This special Beef would be very tasty with Ruti, parata, Fried rice and Plain Polao. This Beef is good for person who does not like Chilli . Foreigner could easily taste it with Bread . Rice is not recommended for this Beef Vuna,

Recipes: Beef , onion, temarind, ginger, garlic,  spices , salt etc

Any  chilli and Sugar has not  added in this Beef cooking . So No risk for Diabetics patient .

1 serving would be 600 gm . 3 person could eat 1 serving


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