Home Made Clear Chicken Vegetable Soup

Water, whole chicken, large carrots, medium onions, garlic and zinger, fresh seasonal vegetables, Butter


৳  177

This is a bowl of  clear chicken vegetable soup.

each ingredient in chicken soup has its own special healing properties:

  1. Chicken, while filling, is good for more than just a meal. It contains cystine, an amino acid that is thought to help thin mucus in the lungs, making it easier to expel.
  2. Carrots(which contain beta-carotene)  which help to bolster the immune system and fight infection.
  3. Onions in your chicken soup provide the benefit of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and act as an anti-histamine.

Besides all of the physical benefits of ingesting chicken soup, there is an added psychological reason to take it. For many people, it is either administered by a caring relative or it brings with it fond and comforting memories of home.



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