Cashew Nut Salad ( Special)

Category: Special

Food Ingredients: Chicken, Kaju badam, kapsicum, carrot, cucumber, conrnflour, gol morich, green chilly, bit salt, tomatoes, soya sauces, chilly sauces, Rice bran oil , etc.

Descriptions: This delicious food item consist of Chicken apprx 500 gm, kaju badam 100 gm, Kapsicum , carrot, cucumber, cornflour, gol morich, green chilly, bit salt, rice bran oil and so on. This is very healthy item and also assist to reduce the body weight . it can be taken as lunch or dinner and can be served among 4/5 persons easily.


Cook is on vacation. Will be available after 31st December



Min Order


Cook Time

6 hours

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