Beef Vuna, Mixed Vegitable, Ghono Dal, Salad, Plain Rice

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Food Ingredients: Rice, beef, potato, green papaya, carrot, beans, green chili, onion,lemon, moshurer dal, mug dal, boot dal, cucumber, tomato.

Descriptions: Size : Medium, Amount :for one person. Ingredients : Beef Vuna or with potato ( Beef, potato, spice paste, spice powder, onion, garlic, ginger, green chili. oil & gorom mosola). Mixed Vegetable : ( beans, carrot, green papaya, onion, green chili, potato, tomato etc), Vegetable will be change in your choice. Ghono Dal: ( moshurer dal, mug dal and boot dal). Plain Rice ( Miniket rice or Nazir). Any choice. All item served in a deshi style. Tasty and healthy food for lunch or dinner


Cook is on vacation. Will be available after 31st December



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Cook Time

4 hours

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