Position: Delivery Supervisor

1. Before I hit the send button, I have few questions.

Please shoot.

2. So, what is the job description?

Well, as the title says, we are looking for Delivery Supervisor who will ;ead a small team and route everyday’s deliveries. He has to know the roads of the Dhaka city very well. As we have multiple kitchens in multiple areas and have different destinations, Delivery Assistants have to pick up the food from specific kitchen and deliver to customer’s door. He has to sincere and honest too.

3. Who are you looking for?

We are looking for some young speedy-men who have valid driving license, can ride bike, can talk smartly and can read English.

3. Do I have to have previous experience? And, educational background?

We are looking for someone who has the experience in this field.

4. What do you offer?

Well, we offer very competitive salary. However, we believe only salary doesn’t count if you don’t add any ‘addon’ with it. So here’s the deal. You will get salary including Mobile Bill & Conveyance based on your experience.. Oh, there will be increment in every year. If you have sufficient experience, you might get more. Anything else you want?

5. That’s pretty impressive. So, how long do I have to work?

Well, we are in operation from 11AM to 9PM everyday. You will be working for 6 days in a week.

6. Well, I do not have bike.

Don’t you worry. If chosen, company will provide you vehicle with necessary accessories.

7. Okay. Is there anything else I should know?

Well, the CEO of the company himself used to deliver food to customers’ doors earlier. And we always pay within first week of the month. Is it somehow motivating you?

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There’s no vacancy right now. Thank you.